Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley


Jesus was clear that anyone with whom we come into contact is our neighbor. Because of this, we must be looking for ways to love and serve the people that God has placed around us. So while “neighbor” is a broad term, the best place to begin serving and loving is in our literal neighborhoods—serving the people God has placed directly around us. This is the most effective place to love our neighbors as ourselves—including both the believers and unbelievers who live near us. Within our neighborhoods, believers ought to gather to encourage one another to remain focused on the goal and mission of God. We are there to call one another to a life in which the gospel can be accurately displayed through both word and deed. We are to serve one another in such a way that unbelievers in that neighborhood will see and hear us reflecting God. By living as a gospel community in our neighborhoods, we allow the unbelievers around us to understand the truth and impact of the gospel and to respond in love and worship to God. It is in our neighborhoods that our love for God and for His purposes ought to become evident and increase as we live out the life-changing truths of the gospel.

We at Redeemer want to care for those that God has placed around us. Various ministries that we have done in the past include Service Walks, Community Car Washes, Food Drives, Widow Ministry, etc.